JCDL2023_LOGO IMSC2023-Workshop

Innovation Measurement for Scientific Communication (IMSC) in the Era of Big Data

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
June 29, 2023

This half-day workshop consists of keynote, oral presentations, and poster session. The keynote will deliver topics, covering broad interests in the methodological development and practical applications of IMSC. This workshop will release Open Calls to attract worldwide submissions on related topics and a review panel will be formed to select high-quality papers for oral presentations. This workshop will feature a poster session to identify research frontiers and emerging topics in this venue and create an interactive forum to engage panel members with audiences.

Conference Program

3:00pm-3:05pm Open Session
Introduction to the workshop.
3:05pm-3:45pm Science as an engine of progress and progress of science
Prof. Staša Milojević
3:45pm-4:10pm Research on the Influence of Information Source Diversity on Risk Knowledge Improvement in Health Risk Situations: From the Information Processing Mode Perspective
Jing Li, Junyan Zhu, Junren Ming, Qiuyu Zhu and Liyuan Zhou
4:10pm-4:35pm Low-Resource Multi-Granularity Academic Function Recognition Based on Multiple Prompt Knowledge
Liu Jiawei, Zi Xiong, Yi Jiang, Yongqiang Ma, Wei Lu, Yong Huang and Qikai Cheng
4:35pm-5:00pm Identifying Breakthrough Innovations from Interdisciplinary Research by Incorporating Disciplinary Diversity and Disparity
Zhongyi Wang, Lina Li, Haoxuan Zhang, Junhua Ding and Haihua Chen
5:00pm-5:15pm A News Keyword Extraction Algorithm Considering both Semantics and Pragmatics
Chengshan Liu, Puguo Li, Zhen Wang and Hongcai Cui
5:15pm-5:30pm Technology Opportunity Prediction Based on SAO Representation Learning
Jinzhu Zhang and Xuan Zhang
5:30pm            Conclusion Session
Conclusion of the workshop.